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Decisions, decisions…

I was having a discussion with my father, arguably the more well-known “Dr. Keni,” about my Mom’s car.  Her lease is coming due, and he has the option to purchase it by paying the lump sum residual, or get the newer, shinier model with all the bells and whistles– but at a slightly higher monthly cost.

I noticed by the inflection in his voice that he was more intrigued by the latter option.  I told him that THAT was probably the action he would take.  He asked me how I knew.  I explained to him:

We make decisions emotionally.  We think that making a pros/cons list or analyzing for hours over numbers, colors, etc., makes a difference in our decision-making process.  Actually, we usually go with our gut, and then make THAT the right decision by rationalizing.  If we go against our gut or our emotions, based on logical reasoning or external influences, we often feel misaligned with ourselves and end up regretting our choice.

So go with your gut!

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