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Imperfect plastic surgery?

I used to take pride in being a perfectionist.  I don’t anymore.  Here’s why:

Perfection, conventionally-speaking, is unattainable.  We are imperfect beings– we make mistakes and we fail to meet ideals.  We may strive toward our idea of perfection, but we will never quite attain it, as that idea will change and take new form.

The notion of perfection can also keep us stuck.  We think, “oh, I could never reach [insert perfect goal here]” and then never start working toward it.  Or with something we’re already working on, we never finish it, keep changing and altering it with hopes of a perfect finished product, and then never release it out into the world because it just ain’t perfect enough.

I’m going to suggest thinking about perfection in a new way.  What if you realized that you are absolutely perfect in this moment, that things could not be any other way than how they are in this moment, and the only things you can control are how you feel, how you show up, how you take action, and how you course-correct as needed?  

Your ARE perfect.

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