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Posts From December, 2016

Fear or faith?

What drives you forward? It’s either fear or faith. You stay stuck in the lousy job, stay small, or stay quiet because you’re afraid of an uncertain event or response in the future. Or… You start that project, grow and learn, and speak up for yourself because you KNOW the future will be better. Spread […]

Move on…

Sometimes we put off making that decision.  We think maybe we’ll learn more that will help us be more informed or gain some magical insight. Other times we act quickly and go with our gut. Decisions are emotional for the most part.  We then rationalize and justify why we chose what we did, if we […]

I should have done more…

I’m performing with my band at a bar in the Chicago ‘burbs this weekend.  I play guitar and sing the first four songs, and then drum for the rest of the set. (If you’re interested in coming to see us, details are here.) Over the past week, I started thinking: I should have practiced more […]

Just Sayin’…

I don’t toot my own horn often, but… When I have staff from another plastic surgeon’s office coming to have their procedures with me, I feel confident that our level of service and quality of results are beyond compare. Happy Thursday! Spread the ‘Love.