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I got my head in the clouds…

It occurred to me that maybe my posts are getting a little to “heady” and not enough “face-y.”That is, maybe I should be posting more content related to what we actually do in my practice (facelifts, necklifts, upper and lower eyelid surgeries, etc.) as opposed to my thoughts on somewhat less-concrete themes.  (But, then again, […]

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Your dream…

It’s easy to get caught up in thoughts of the past.   Memories can elicit visceral responses.  That time you tripped on stage causes your stomach to turn.  Those times your parents punished you may consciously (or even subconsciously) keep you stuck in fear about various things.  Or even feeling the defeat of our recent […]

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You inspired me!

I can think of a time in my life when I achieved a certain level of success.  Maybe a day or two passed where I actually felt satisfied. Soon enough, I looked around me and thought, “is this all there is?” The motivational gurus’ answer was to “set higher goals and take massive action.”  Though this […]

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Who’s In-Charge?

Yesterday, I had a patient thank me for “the beautiful work you do.”  She is very happy with her facelift and was expressing it. Never one who’s been good at taking credit or receiving a compliment gracefully, I told her that I had just done surgery and “your body is responsible for healing so well.” […]

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A step backward…

Sometimes we, individually or as a group, make mistakes or get off-course.  These steps backwards are inevitable.  How quickly we recover is in our hands.  It is our responsibility to course-correct. I am reminded of the “be the change you want to see in the world” quote, often attributed to Gandhi.  Although this encapsulates his intention, […]

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Today is the future…

Your future is created by the choices you make (or don’t make) today.  Whatever choice you make, you are responsible for the outcome. We may not see the consequences of that choice today, tomorrow, or next week, but the forces are at work.  On a long enough timeline, progress is made.  Not without a few […]

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Unity or division?

When we identify with a group (for instance, as “Americans” or as “Cubs fans”), it’s out of the human need to feel larger than ourselves and to connect with others. But look at what that group or movement does to others outside that movement.   Does it uplift and create win-wins?  Or does it suppress, […]

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The lesson from last night…

The Cubs won the 2016 World Series in Game 7 last night, in extra innings, after a rain delay.  This broke the “curse” of not having won one in 108 years! I take this to mean that ANYTHING is possible for ANY of us, as long as we take consistent action and have a long […]

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Embrace The Pain…

Yesterday, I performed a facelift on a woman on whom I had done a facelift 7 years ago.  (A facelift isn’t permanent– it turns back the clock and your face continues to age.  A typical facelift lasts 5-7 years before you consider having it done again or tucked up.) Afterward, her face felt “tight.”  This is […]

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Heal Thyself…

Sometimes your body is telling you something.  Physical or emotional pain is there for a reason.  Let it find its expression. Your logical mind will want to push through it.  It thinks it can do something to make it all better instantly.  But your best thinking got you here. Is there a bird’s-eye perspective you […]

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