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Embrace The Pain…

Yesterday, I performed a facelift on a woman on whom I had done a facelift 7 years ago.  (A facelift isn’t permanent– it turns back the clock and your face continues to age.  A typical facelift lasts 5-7 years before you consider having it done again or tucked up.)

Afterward, her face felt “tight.”  This is often the case because the layers of fascia and muscle under the skin are tightened.  Although initially intense, this sensation settles down over the next few days.

Surprisingly, this patient was elated when she realized how tight her face felt!  This is likely because she remembered, from several years ago, how much improvement she got in her facial appearance after the recovery period and how confident she felt for a specific life event she was preparing for at that time.

Discomfort and pain are signals that occur for an objective reason.  But perhaps when taken into perspective, you can give them empowering meanings.

Spread the ‘Love.

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